Who We Are

Located in Phoenix, AZ, Legato Lessons is dedicated to providing quality music lessons where it's most comfortable and convenient for you — in your home. Whether you're aspiring to a professional music career or simply want to learn an instrument for fun, our highly qualified teachers are here to help you or your children reach your goals.

Why in-home?

  • Comfortable learning environment
  • Save time and money by not driving to and from lessons
  • Avoid waiting while your child is taking a lesson
  • No need to transport your instruments, music and supplies

Why Try Legato Lessons?

  • It's risk free. Your first lesson is on us, and you don't have to sign a contract. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your teacher and lesson plan.
  • We offer a recital at least once a year. It's important for a student to have a goal to work towards, and an opportunity to share what they've learned with friends and family.
  • All of our teachers are professionally trained or have music degrees. They have been interviewed and have passed a background check prior to working with us.